The Implications of Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity, on Capital Market Operations

The Implications of Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity, on Capital Market Operations

In pursuit of her ideals of propagating excellence in Corporate Governance, the Institute is organising 2024 Company Secretaries and Registrars’ Forum for all Chartered Secretaries, Registrars, Company Secretaries, Directors and Senior Managers of Companies, Brokers/Business Promoters, Regulatory and Professional Bodies as well as other interested stakeholders in the governance sector.

The theme of the Forum slated for Thursday April 4th, 2024 is “The Implications of Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence for Capital Market Operators”

This is a unique opportunity for you to deepen your knowledge on issues relating to Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence.

The ICSAN Company Secretaries and Registrars’ Forum serves as a platform to acquaint participants with contemporary practices and pertinent governance issues of national significance. Facilitated by seasoned technocrats and seasoned practitioners, the forum typically fosters interactive discussions.

The Forum promises to hold immense benefits for all governance professionals.

See the attached flyer for more details.

To register for the Forum, click on the link below:

Participation Fees:-

This event attracts 5 Credit Points for ICSAN Members

Payments should be made to the Institute’s account details below.

Zenith Bank: 1016426493
Account Name: Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Nigeria

Account Number: 2003620643, or issue a cheque in the name of ICSAN.


Babatunde Okuneye, ACIS

Registrar / CEO

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