Offences & Penalties

Offences & Penalties

(a) Bringing into the Hall materials related to the examinations.
• Cancel all papers of the candidate at that particular examination.
• Ban him/her from taking the examination for a minimum of two years i.e. four consecutive examinations.
• Inform their employers.
(b) Proven cases of spying or copying from another candidate. • Cancel that particular paper and issue a warning to the candidate.
(c) Impersonation. • Ban the persons concerned from taking the Institute’s Examinations for life.
• Inform their employers
• If a member of the Institute, report him/her to the Investigating Panel.
• Handover the affected persons to the police.
• ICSAN can also report to the institute of the person involved where he is a professional in addition to report to the police or relevant authority or person.
(d) Assistance from Invigilator. 1) The Invigilator
• Forfeits invigilation honorarium
• Ban from future invigilation.
• If a member of the Institute, report to the Investigating Panel

2) The Person Assisted
• Penalties as in a. b. & c. depending on the mode of assistance.
(e) Substitution of Prepared Answer Script(s). 1) The Person Assisting
(i) If an Examiner
• Ban from future participation in the Institute’s examinations.
• Report to the employer

(ii) If a member
• Report to the employer
• Report to the Investigating Panel

2) The Person Assisted
• Cancel all the candidate’s papers at the particular examination.
• Ban for life
Bringing materials not related to the particular examination into the Examination Hall.
• Give warning letter.

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