State Chapters

Purpose of Creating Chapters

State chapters were established for the following purposes:

  • Creating opportunities for social interaction, communication and solidarity among members of the Institute.
  • Ensuring the local involvement of members in Chapter’s activities.
  • Actively supporting the Governing Council of the Institute in organizing Annual events and pursuing relevant projects in accordance with the Charter of the Institute.
  • Increasing the membership base of the Institute and fostering a more cohesive national and international network of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators.



The E-mail of the Lagos State Chapter is :

Committee members of Lagos Chapter 

No Name Position
1 Mrs. Nkechi Anyimah, FCIS Chairman
2 Vice Chairman
3 Immediate Past Chairman
4 Hon. Secretary
5 Treasurer
6 Mr. Alaba Ekundayo, FCIS Financial Secretary
7 Mrs. Adeyemi Ajoke, ACIS Social Secretary
8 Mrs. Olekamma Ekeleme, ACIS Publicity Secretary
9 Mrs. Folasade Akinmusire, ACIS Mobilization Secretary
10 Mr. Olufemi Sokan, FCIS Chair, Conference Planning
11 Miss Efosa Osarumen Ewere, FCIS Assistant Secretary
12 Mr. Oladayo Akinlemibolar, ACIS Assistant Financial Secretary
13 Mrs. Yetunde Emmanuel, ACIS Assistant Mobilization Secretary
14 Mrs. Iyokpesomi Irene, ACIS Assistant Publicity Secretary
15 Lady Cheta Nwabuike FCIS  Ex-officio



Committee members of Abuja Chapter 

1 Mrs. Bolaji Gabari, ACIS Chairman 
2 Adedeji Adeniyi Vice Chairman
3 Mr. Bamgbola Ayodeji, ACIS General Secretary
4 Babayemi Olaniyan Assistant General Secretary
5 Wandoo Aigbangbee, ACIS Financial Secretary / Treasurer
7 Jennifer Nzomiwu, FCIS Social / Publicity Secretary



Committee members of Oyo Chapter 

1 Oluseyi Abiodun, ACIS Chairman
2 Vice Chairman
3 General Secretary
4 Assistant General Secretary
5 Financial Secretary
6 Treasurer



Committee members of Rivers Chapter 

1 J. Emeka Onuoha, ACIS Chairman
2 Celine C. Okoroma, ACIS  Vice Chairman
3 Sebastien Uwem Essien, ACIS Secretary General
4 Omosede Akhimien, Grad. Member Assistant Gen. Secretary
5 Nathan- Utu Ruby, Grad. Member Financial Secretary
6 Uwa Iyawe, Grad. Member Assistant Fin. Secretary
7 Otonye Mac- Barango, Grad. MemberTreasurer
8 Apakawari Sophia, Grad. Member Assistant Treasurer
9 Odeyemi Oluwatobi, Grad. MemberPublicity Secretary
10 Akpan, Alexander, Grad. Member Assistant Publicity Secretary
11 Mr. Blessing Eyidengha, Grad. MemberMobilization Secretary
11 Mr. Smith Ndubisi, Grad. Member Assistant Mobilization Secretary

Akwa Ibom

1 Mr. Aniedi Amos Akpan, FCIS Chairman
2 Mr. Asibong Ime Essien, FCIS General Secretary

Edo & Delta

1 Mrs. Juliana Ehigiamuse, ACIS Chairman

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