Membership Upgrade Requirements

Membership Upgrade Requirements

The Membership dues for the various categories of members are as follows:

Fellow Associate Graduates Retirees
N15,000 N10,000 N7,500 N5,000

Induction of members, procedures and fees

The induction of members usually holds in April every year. The MCPE precedes the induction ceremony and holds twice in a year. After qualification, the new graduates are eligible for election to Associateship. Upon satisfying the requirements, the new graduates become Associates of the Institute after the approval of Council. Elevation to Fellowship follows the same procedure.

It is noteworthy that the Council meets quarterly. Therefore, all those to be inducted in April, must ensure that their applications are processed on time so as to be a part of the window. The names of those to be inducted are printed in the induction brochure.

The fees are as follows:

Fellow N40,000 N100,000 N15,000 N200,000
Associates N40,000 N50,000 N10,000 N100,000
Graduates N40,000 N40,000

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