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To become a member, you must have completed the Institute’s examination. To register as a student, please click on BECOMING A STUDENT MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS

Membership of ICSAN offers a wide range of benefits. They are as follows: Group Life Assurance Scheme: There is a Group Life Assurance Scheme for members of ICSAN. The Next-of-Kin of the member receives the benefit on the demise of the member. Membership Cards: Members are given membership cards that grants them access to make use of the Institute’s well-stocked library on various areas of governance and allied matters. Also, we are discussing with some organizations to grant holders of the cards some concessions, details of which would be communicated when finalized. Members of ICSAN can get a rebate for use of selected hotels in Lagos at the production of their membership cards.

Membership of a Professional Body that has International Affiliations: Chartered Secretaries and Administrators belong to a professional body that has international affiliations. ICSAN is a member of CISA and ACGN-reputable bodies that were formed for the promotion of Corporate Secretaries, Company Secretaries, Chartered Secretaries, Board Secretaries and other Governance Professionals worldwide.

International Recognition: The ACIS qualification has international recognition in more than 70 countries of the world.

Recognition in the Companies and Allied Matters Act: The profession of Chartered Secretaryship and Administration is the number one qualification mentioned as a requirement for individuals who aspire to occupy the position Company Secretary.

Opportunities for knowledge acquisition and capacity building: Members of ICSAN have opportunities to increase their knowledge, learning and capacity building through an array of conventional programmes, workshops, seminars and trainings that are carefully designed and well-packaged to meet the needs of participants.

The currents membership fees are as follows:

Fellow Associate Graduates Retirees
N15,000 N10,000 N7,500 N5,000

Development Levy: Fellows, N200,000, Associates=N100,000, Graduates=N50,000 Members are to make payments via the portal. To make payment, click on the link provided and follow the steps Items that would be shown after a member has clicked on the link are as follows: Membership Number Surname Name Membership Grade

Induction of members, procedures and fees

The induction of members usually takes place in the second quarter of each year. The MCPE precedes the induction ceremony and holds twice in a year. After qualification, the new graduates are eligible for election to Associateship. Upon satisfying the requirements, the new graduates become Associates of the Institute after the approval of Council. Elevation to Fellowship follows the same procedure.

It is noteworthy that the Council meets quarterly. Therefore, all those to be inducted annually, must ensure that their applications are processed on time so as to be a part of the window. The names of those to be inducted are printed in the induction brochure.

The fees are as follows:

Fellow N40,000 N100,000 N15,000 N200,000
Associates N40,000 N50,000 N10,000 N100,000
Graduates N40,000 N40,000

To renew your membership, click here. Your username is your membership number and the default password is password. This must be changed after a successful login.

Membership Benefits

Exclusive online resources

There are some exclusive resources available to members weekly and monthly via e-mail and SMS about upcoming events and special activities that may not be open to the general public.

Networking opportunities

Being a member will deepen existing business relationships and opportune you to make new contacts on a regular basis. Such networking goes beyond the exchange of business cards as it promises much more.


ICSAN offers members the opportunity to update their knowledge and acquire new skills through seminars, workshops, conferences and roundtable etc. Find more about our schedule of programmes here

Free publications

Being a member entitles you to a number of free publications which include ICSAN Newsletter, ICSAN monthly magazine, ICSAN Annual Journal and other educative materials such as CDs and videos/DVDs.

Conferences and seminars

Students and Members are usually given priority at our conferences and seminars and enjoy discounts or special rates on a host of other programmes.

Employment Oppurtunities

Information on employment opportunities are made available to members on regular basis. Many of our members have taken such advantage to get placement in diverse sectors of the economy.

Other benefits are:

  • As a member you are a multi-skilled professional with a creative intellect that is required for success in the corporate world.
  • You become a professional competent to administer the affairs of a business entity in line with corporate governance best practice.
  • You have an in-depth and adequate knowledge of the statutory rules and regulations required for optimum and efficient performance.
  • You gain a wide range of financial and accounting knowledge expected of a quintessential professional to succeed in business.
  • You possess a professional qualification recognised in over 70 countries across the globe.
  • You obtain a license to engage in public practice as a Chartered Secretary and Administrator.
  • Group life insurance
  • Rebate from partnering hospitality bodies

Membership Upgrade Requirements


  1. Must have been an Associate for at least 5 years before applying for fellowship. 
  2. Provide proof that they have worked for at least Ten (10 years) and on a Senior Management Position for Three (3) years of the Ten (10) years working experience.
  3. Must show evidence of occupying a senior managerial position in a public or private sector organization in two out of the last five years
  4. Should show evidence of contribution[1] to the development of ICSAN at both National and Chapter level.
  5. Ensure that the Fellowship Application form is properly completed and signed by two Referees who must be Fellow of the Institute and themselves up-to- date financially. 
  6. Attach copies of credentials, including certificate of the final examinations of the Institute, other recognized certificates, academic/professional qualifications and ICSAN Associateship.
  7. Enclose detailed Curriculum Vitae and letters of reference from present and previous employers (if applicable).
  8. Must be financially up- to- date with the Institute. The annual subscription and other payments must have been made as and when due during the last 3 (three) years preceding the application.
  9. Must show evidence of attendance of 6 fee-paying programmes of the Institute.


1.               All application forms for membership upgrade must be signed by the Chairman/authorized executive of the Chapter where the applicant is domiciled (Except there is no Chapter in that State).

2.               Only financially-up-to-date members could recommend an applicant for upgrade otherwise; it would not be considered.

3.               Those applying for upgrade to Fellowship should have their forms signed by Fellows who are financially-up-to date.  

[1] Recognized contributions are as uploaded on the Institute’s website.

The criteria for upgrade from Associate to Fellowship are as shown below:

Click here to download form


State Chapters



  1. Completed Application Form for Practice License
  2. Detailed CV of the applicant.
  3. Photocopy of the ACIS OR FCIS Grade Membership
  4. Evidence of Working Experience (Pre or Post)
  5. Proof of Payment of Annual Subscription
  6. Proof of Payment of Practice License Fee (N15,000)
  7.  Letter of Recommendation from Applicant’s Employer/Fellow of ICSAN.
  8. Two passport photographs

Click here to download the form

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