ICSAN has been supporting company secretaries and business leaders  over the decades and our world class professional development programmes are specifically designed around professional competencies. Our trainings is delivered by seasoned  company secretaries and other governance professionals with track experience and beneficiaries of such trainings are professionals whose specialty cut across the who gamut of corporate secretarial, administration and governance fields.

Our portfolio of learning and development programmes has been designed to boost your development as a company secretary, director and senior leader of your organization and ensure your leadership skills are kept up to date.

ICSAN Open Courses

ICSAN open courses are specifically designed for company secretaries and directors,  compliance managers, risk managers and governance advisors among others,  with a rich curriculum covering the wide spectrum of roles, responsibilities and leadership skills that are essential in today are evolving business landscape.

These company secretaries and directors training courses are enriching  form of continuing development  to enhance partcipants’ knowledge and skills in a flexible, interactive environment. Our expert practitioners deliver the latest strategic insight and live industry case studies for practical application. ICSAN open courses can also form part of a tailored training package for you and your organisation.

We also offer the Certificate in Company Secretary Master Class, a Level-5 qualification which consists of set of courses which can either be taken individually or as part of the Certificate. Each of these courses provides a qualification as a modular award. These courses are marked with an asterisk.

Courses for company secretaries, directors and senior leaders

  • Company Secretary Master Class Workshop
  • Leading the Board
  • Corporate Governance & Board Dynamics  programme
  • Risk Management  and Governance for Board Members & Executive
  • Effective Audit Committee and Governance  Workshop
  • The Effective Board Programme
  • Best Practice in Credible Financial Reporting System
  • Effective Governance Strategies for Public Sector Directors
  • Monitoring and Compliance with the NCCG FRC code: Roles of regulators and operators
  • Boardroom Leadership Bootcamp for Independent Director
  • Governance Leadership Programme (GLP)
  • Company Secretaries and Compliance Workshop
  • Corporate Governance Program: Developing Exceptional Board Leaders
  • The Company Secretary and the Board

ICSAN Academy 

  • Enhancing Core Skills of Administrators & Secretaries for Effectiveness  and Performance 
  • Company Secretarial Practice for Optimum Productivity 
  • Advanced Office Management & Effective Administration Skills workshop for Administrators, Senior  Secretaries, PA, EA, and SA
  • Company Secretaries and Board Effectiveness Programme

In-Boardroom Training 

ICSAN actively promotes best practice and professionalism within and beyond the boardroom. With decades of experience of churning out company secretaries administrators and top professionals across governance field, we have a unique understanding of what makes an effective leader, a high-performing boardroom, and a successful business.

ICSAN’s mandate includes supporting, representing and setting standards for company secretaries and directors in an environment designed to foster effective knowledge sharing and cross-ventilation of ideas.

Our customized in-house training programmes, led by experienced company secretaries, include a combination of facilitated classroom sessions, real-world case discussions and small group exercises that encourage participants to think strategically and drive tangible improvements in performance at an individual, board and organizational level.

We look at the client’s journey holistically, working collaboratively with you to design and deliver in-company training solutions that are relevant, measurable, accessible and flexible – seeking feedback at every stage of your development pathway with us. Integrated programmes may include accredited workshops, subject-specific facilitations, consultancy or individual coaching sessions, depending on the specific circumstances and required outcomes.

Benefits of a customized In-Boardroom Training 

  • Cost-effective learning solution delivered to multiple individuals,  and teams
  • Driven by your corporate goals to ensure 100% relevance and application
  • Designed and delivered by expert business practitioners to bring the learning to life
  • Measurable impact and return on investment through 360° measurement frameworks
  • In-house delivery minimizing time spent away from the office

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Board Member Induction Programme

New board members will want to contribute to the organisation as quickly as possible. A well thought out induction programme will help them ‘hit the ground running’. The purpose of this board briefing is to help you consider what needs to be included in your induction programme.

What is the purpose of the induction programme?

An induction programme is a structured way of providing new board members with all the information and support they need to be confident and productive in their role. The aim is to help new members to understand the organisation, the environment in which it operates, and their role in making the organisation a success.

What is involved in an induction programme?

An induction programme can last for between a few days and months, depending on scale and complexity of the organisation.  It will involve:

  • Welcoming the new board member and introducing them to the board team and other key personnel, including the CEO and executive directors of each functional area of the company
  • An introduction to the strategic plan and financial position of the organization
  • An introduction to the governance arrangements which are in place
  • Meeting with key stakeholders where relevant
  • Regular reviews with the chair to check understanding, identify issues and encourage development

What are the steps involved in developing an induction programme for board members?

It is important that the induction plan is in place before the new board member begins. Doing so presents a professional image of the organisation, and is very reassuring for the new board member. An induction pack, which contains all the key documents required by board members, should be produced. It is the responsibility of the chair to work through the induction pack with all new board members.

In addition to familiarizing the new board members with the documents, the induction should be used to introduce them to the culture of the organisation and their role and responsibilities as a board member.

It may also involve identifying training and development needs to ensure the board member can contribute effectively to the organisation.

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