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The Journal of Corporate and Administration”debuted in 2018 and the second edition has come out in 2019. The journal is the first Journal of its kind in Nigeria that explores critical issues on both Corporate Governance and Administration at such scholarly level. The journal is purely a scholastic resource with focus on front burner issues on Corporate Governance, Corporate Administration Secretarial practice, Tax Management, Financial Management, Compliance etc.

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The ICSAN Company Secretary Handbook which debuted in 2019 is a practitioners’ guide as it addresses the needs of practitioners and serve as a reference point for areas of interest for both old and new governance practitioners. It is useful for Company Secretaries, Directors and everyone operating in the governance space as it provides guides on various areas of governance practice;  It is a capacity-building tool. Our Authors are carefully selected veterans in governance practice.

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The “Chartered Secretary and Administrator” is a quality glossy magazine which the Institute has published over the years. It showcases the Institute’s events for the period under focus, featuring news, stories, photo splash, jokes and recently a section for promoting and showcasing Secretarial firms. 

The Flagship magazine is a bi-annual publication of the Lagos State Chapter of the Institute. It is a very popular publication well-loved in corporate circle at features trendy themes on effective Business Management and Corporate Governance. Of course, the magazine also purveys news, photographs of recent events about the Chapter and the Institute in general.


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