2nd Edition Train-The-Trainer Certification Programme:

2nd Edition Train-The-Trainer Certification Programme:

Exploring the Provisions of the Nigerian Code of Corporate Governance (NCCG) Towards Productivity, Sustainability, and Professionalism



The ICSAN Train-the-Trainers Certification Course 2021 is a multi-faceted specialized training that has been carefully packaged to build capacity in Chartered Secretaries and other governance professionals who intend to explore the innate provisions encapsulated in the 2018 Nigerian Code of Corporate Governance.


  • Acquire the requisite knowledge and certification required to carry out Board Evaluation.
  • Acquire the requisite knowledge required to carry out Corporate Governance Evaluation.
  • Knowledge of current trends in Insolvency Practice.
  • Have a better understanding of Training Techniques and the intricacies thereof
  • Better appreciation of practical Company Secretariat Practice as enunciated by the Code
  • Techniques of exploring and prospecting for jobs in the areas provided by the Code
  • Become certified ICSAN Trainers
  • Credit points attached for upgrade (ICSAN Member)



“Dr. Adeyinka Hassan, FCIS.

Will be Training on:

“Training Techniques for Trainers: Understanding the Intricacies”

Date — May2021   Time: 10:00 AM


“Mr. Francis Olawale, FCIS.”

Will be Training on:

“Organizational Risk Management: Effects and Measures For Consideration Towards Business Sustainability.”

Date —  May2021   Time: 10:00 AM


“Lady Cheta Nwabuike, FCIS.”

Will be Training on:

“Company Secretarial Practice: Application of Corporate Governance Code and Best Practices for Organizational Success.”

Date — May2021  Time: 12:10 PM


Dr. Nosike Agokei, FCIS

Will be Training on:

Practical Corporate Governance Audit: How to Achieve Excellent Result.”

Date — May2021  Time: 10:00 AM


Mr. Yomi Adebanjo, FCIS.”

Will be Training on:

Procedural Approach to Effective Liquidation of an Entity.”

Date — May, 2021   Time: 12:10 PM


Mr. Babatunde Pelewura, FCIS

Will be Training on:

Exploring the Opportunities in the 2018 Corporate Governance Code: How to Prospect for Jobs in the Areas of Governance Audit & Board Evaluation, Technical Support and Resources.”

Date — May2021  Time — 12:10 PM


Dr. Nechi Ezeako, FCIS.”

Will be Training on:

Board Evaluation: Understanding the Fundamentals, Dynamics and Right Application for Desired Results.”

Date — May2021  Time — 10:00 AM


Mr. Leo Okafor, FCIS

Will be Training on:

How to Establish Professional Business and Ethical Standards Towards Attracting Investors.”

DateMay, 2021 Time12:10 PM




Participation fee: N100, 000.00

Account Details: ICSAN, Zenith Bank Account No: 1016426493

Please send evidence of payment to any of the following Emails


membership@icsan.org or ojijiakumefula@icsan.org

Please Call: Ojiji-08023783043 or Mike-08023117969

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