The Company Secretary as an Enabler of Board Effectiveness. 

The Company Secretary as an Enabler of Board Effectiveness. 

The Company Secretary as an Enabler of Board Effectiveness. 

Effectiveness of the board has grown in importance as a crucial aspect of corporate governance in recent years. In order to ensure corporate sustainability over time, a more strategic and detailed approach has taken front stage and is no longer reliant on the traditional annual evaluations or compliance monitoring. For a board to be effective in every sense, the Corporate Secretary plays a pivotal and central role.

This training seeks to provide participants an in-depth knowledge of how corporate secretaries may assist boards in achieving good governance in the face of shifting business risks and strategic challenges in our fast-paced business world.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the course, Participants would be:

  • Determine strategies to raise board performance that are consistent with the NCCG 2018.
  • Understand the importance of their role as a corporate secretary in enhancing board effectiveness.
  • Understand the components of an effective board
  • Identify boardroom trends that positively impact their organisation
  • Evaluate their performance in their current roles to determine whether they are carrying out their responsibilities efficiently.
  • Learn germane tips on how to stay relevant in their roles as a Corporate Secretary and many more…..


Administration Managers, Company Secretaries, Governance Professionals, In-House Counsels, Chief Compliance Officers, Legal Professionals, as well as those who are responsible for company secretariat duties at Senior Management level, Students and Members of ICSAN etc.

N35,000- Members, 

N 40,000 -Non-Members

Date : 6th February ,2024. Time : 10a.m  Venue : Virtual

Payment Details :

Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Nigeria..


Access Bank


Babatunde Okuneye, ACIS

Registrar / CEO

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