Rules for Writers

Rules for Writers

  1. Topic must be related to Corporate Governance or Corporate Administration, finance, best practices, compliance.
  2. Articles should not be less than 2,500 words and not more than 3,000 words. Only in exceptional cases would the editorial team consider shorter or longer articles where they are exceptionally topical and of distinct relevance.
  3. Abstract of not more than 250 words.
  4. Articles must follow a logical flow and should be in logical alignment with title.
  5. Articles must be submitted in electronic form
  6. Articles must be in MS word
  7. Fonts should be Calibri while font size should be ll
  8. Articles must be of original research and must not have been published or presented in any journal, magazine or any platform for consideration prior to submission for consideration by the editorial team.
  9. Regulatory policy papers, release, letters, notes, speeches, communiques or regulatory guidelines not considered as full-length articles but of relevance to coverage areas of the journal would be considered by the editorial team
  10. Copyright in the articles published shall be assigned to the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Nigeria. Articles cannot be published subsequently without written permission of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Nigeria
  11. Articles must be devoid of Libels and slanders and must not infringe on existing copyrights of any literary works. Articles must not contain false facts, illegal conclusions or any statement against public interest.
  12. Articles must be intellectually stimulating and academically valuable. Articles must be devoid of partisan political opinions or conclusion must not be tribalistic/racial or contain religious incitement.
  13. Any information which cannot be proved to be true or which are injurious to ICSAN professional reputation will not be permitted.
  14. British English should be adhered to in date format, spellings, styles, punctuations and diction.
  15. Details of Author’s institutional affiliation, address, email, and phone numbers of author should be submitted on a different sheet.
  16. Articles should be footnoted and numbered chronologically with Arabic numerals with
    brevity & clarity. Endnotes will not be accepted.
  17. The author will indemnify the Institute for any liability caused by the author’s write up.
  18. Only the Harvard style or the APA Style of referencing can be employed by writers.
    1. Citations and References

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