Managing Board Meetings and Minute Writings

Managing Board Meetings and Minute Writings

Managing Board Meetings and Minute Writings


Managing board meetings and writing meeting minutes are two of the corporate secretary’s key responsibilities, especially with the expansion of the secretary’s role in many organisations to include administrative and managerial responsibilities. This is because the secretary is the main source of information and influence between the board and executive management. This role has grown in importance post pandemic as many board meetings are now held virtually under scoring the importance of having accurate records of what transpired at the meeting.

Effective meetings have the potential to engender a healthy environment for optimum performance of the stakeholders and ensure high quality decisions. Writing succinct minutes will not only keep the company moving forward but help in future audit purposes in any organisation.

 This training therefore seeks to help participants with theoretical & practical tips required to write good minutes and manage board meetings most successfully while ensurings good corporate governance practices are strictly adhered to.

Learning Objectives.

By the end of this course, Participants will be able to:

  • …understand the nature and procedure of meetings and how best to prepare for them.
  • …examine theoretical & practical techniques, strategies and systems that would enable them get the desired results from any given board.
  • …understand the most common problems in minute writings.
  • …draft minutes that capture the purpose of the meeting.
  • …enumerate the key skills needed to ensure effective meetings and organize these meetings and other events more efficiently.


  • Fundamentals of minute writings
  • Effective management of board meetings
  • Issues and Challenges in minute writings
  • The role of the Secretary in meetings
  • Practical Case Studies in minute writings.


Executive and Non-executive directors of Companies, Company secretaries, Chartered Secretaries, Professionals in the Governance field, Management Executives, Legal Practitioners, Accountants, Bureaucrats in Government service, Students/Members of ICSAN and other interested persons.


         N20,000-STUDENT MEMBERS

         N 30,000- NON-MEMBERS




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