ICSAN Education


EDUCATION examinations are conducted twice in a year “June” and “December”. See guidelines for registration Learn more

Membership Development

Membership Development

MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Joining ICSAN as student or renew your membership will makes you more valuable in your field and also expose you to professional contacts and gain access to a wealth of useful information. Learn more  


Research, Advocacy & Publication

The Research Department of the Institute performs the following responsibilities: Research on Governance and Related IssuesCarrying out research on governance and related issues with a view to generate ideas grounding the Institute’s policies for directions and thought leadership. Productions and PublicationsProductions and publications of the Institute’s communication/ stakeholders relationship management tools, including but not limited [...]


The courses in the schedule are developed to cater for the learning and capacity development of various cadres of staff in organizations. All courses stated in the schedule are for open workshops though they can be tailor-made for in-plant and special courses to suit your organization’s learning and development requirements. We also arrange international courses [...]