Offences and Penalties

(a) Bringing into the Hall materials related to the examinations.
• Cancel all papers of the candidate at that particular examination.
• Ban him/her from taking the examination for a minimum of two years i.e. four consecutive examinations.
• Inform their employers.
(b) Proven cases of spying or copying from another candidate.• Cancel that particular paper and issue a warning to the candidate.
(c) Impersonation.• Ban the persons concerned from taking the Institute’s Examinations for life.
• Inform their employers
• If a member of the Institute, report him/her to the Investigating Panel.
• Handover the affected persons to the police.
(d) Assistance from Invigilator.1) The Invigilator
• Forfeits invigilation honorarium
• Ban from future invigilation.
• If a member of the Institute, report to the Investigating Panel

2) The Person Assisted
• Penalties as in a. b. & c. depending on the mode of assistance.
(e) Substitution of Prepared Answer Script(s).1) The Person Assisting
(i) If an Examiner
• Ban from future participation in the Institute’s examinations.
• Report to the employer

(ii) If a member
• Report to the employer
• Report to the Investigating Panel

2) The Person Assisted
• Cancel all the candidate’s papers at the particular examination.
• Ban for life
Bringing materials not related to the particular examination into the Examination Hall.
• Give warning letter.

Important Notices

Candidates should arrive at the examination centre at least 30 minutes before the examination is scheduled to commence.

You must sit at the desk assigned to you by the invigilators. At some centres, the desk number will correspond to the candidate number printed on your admission slip. In these centres, you must ensure that you sit at the correct desk.

Under no circumstances are students’ expected to write with red ink.

During the course of the examination, you may not leave the room without permission. If you do so, you will not be allowed to return.

Council’s decisions in all aspects of the examinations are final and no action shall lie against the Institute and/or its Officers.

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