Fees and Dues

To register as a student and sit for the examinations of the Institute, interested persons must possess a minimum of the WAEC/NECO (O’ levels) with five (5) credits including Mathematics and English. Examinations are held in June and December of every year.

  • Registration for Professional Stages

    Registration Fees & Examiners Reports ———————————————————— =N= 27,000
    Annual Subscription (payable annually after initial registration) ————————– =N= 5,000

  • Registration for Foundation Stage

    Registration Fees ———————————————————- =N= 20,000

  • Exemption Fees

    Related Degrees ———————————————————— =N= 24,000
    Non Related Degrees——————————————————- =N= 20,000

  • Examination Fees

    Foundation per subject fees ——————————— =N= 8,500
    Pre-Professional per subject fees ————————–   =N= 10,500
    Professional Programme Part 1 per subject fees ———– =N= 20,000
    Professional Programme Part 11 per subject fees ———- =N= 20,000
    Resit Fee for Professional Stage per subject fees————-=N= 10,000
    Resit Fee for Foundation and Pre Professional Stage ——- =N= 5,000

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