Associate to Fellow

Fellows should be at least twenty-five years of age and :

  • Provide a proof that they have worked for at least Ten(10)years and on a ‘Senior Management Position’ for a minimum of three(3) years out of the 10 years working experience.

  • Ensure that the Fellowship Application form is properly completed and signed by the appropriate referees.

  • Attach copies of credentials, including certificate of the final examinations of the Institute, other recognized academic/professional qualifications and ICSAN Associateship Certificate.

  • Enclose detailed Curriculum Vitae and letters of reference from present and previous employers (if applicable).

  • Ensure they are financially up-to-date with the Institute. That annual subscription and other payments must have been made as and when due during the last three(3) years preceding the application.

  • Ensure active participation in the Institute’s Programmes/activities. Pursuant to ensuring active participation; applicant must have met the following attendance:-
    a. Category One: Annual General Meeting or Annual Conference (at least 2(two) of either within the last three(3) years preceding the application.
    b. Category Two: MCPE, Roundtable, Workshops, Seminars or training Programmes (at least two(2) of any within the last three(3) years preceding the application.

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