The Effects of a Sustainable Economy on Regulatory and Compliance Risk.

The Effects of a Sustainable Economy on Regulatory and Compliance Risk.

Regulatory and compliance risks management framework are essential tools for attaining balanced growth in today’s dynamic business environment, irrespective of the nature of an organization. To mitigate compliance and regulatory risks in a sustainable economy and maintain long-term viability, organizations need to prioritize transparency, accountability, and proactive initiatives. This training programme seeks to equip participants with the skills needed to comprehend and successfully manage risks related to regulations and compliance as they create risk management frameworks tailored to the unique challenges of sustainable business operations.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the benefits of regulatory compliance and address sustainable-related compliance practices
  • Understand the concept of a sustainable economy and its implications for regulatory frameworks.
  • Develop strategies to mitigate regulatory and compliance risks.
  • Identify key regulatory and compliance risks associated with sustainability initiatives.
  • Develop compliance framework for sustainable business operations
  • Explore global trends towards sustainability and its impact on regulatory frameworks
  • Understand how regulatory frameworks influence economic activities and sustainability initiatives.
  • Understanding the business case for integrating sustainability into regulatory and compliance risk management.

Course Content

Target Audience: Heads of Legal Departments, Senior Managers, Company Secretaries, Human Resource Managers, Chief Compliance Officers, Legal Professionals, Administration Managers, Compliance Managers and Officers, Internal Auditors, Operation Managers, Managers with responsibility for internal compliance controls, In- house Counsel and others

FEE: N 35,000 (Members) and N 40,000 (Non-Members)

Account Name: ICSAN

Bank Name: Access Bank Plc.

Account Details: 0016286656

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL Anita on 07011130059 or 08023117969.


Babatunde Okuneye, ACIS

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  • Rights of the persons concerned

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  • Delete Personal Data

The retention period of the data will be defined. ICSAN removes personal data that is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or if consent is withdrawn and no other legitimate purpose for data processing is applied.

  • Security of data processing / data security

Personal data will be processed safely. Appropriate technical and operational measures concerning data security, unauthorized processing or alteration, loss or destruction, and against unauthorized disclosure and unauthorized access to personal data transmitted, stored or processed shall be taken. ICSAN fully assures the integrity, availability, confidentiality and authenticity of Personal Data. In the event of an incident, ICSAN must have the ability to restore in a timely manner the availability and access to Personal Data.

  • Implied protection of personal data

ICSAN will implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that personal data is processed for the specified purposes. The principle of implied data protection will be observed during the development of new products.

  • Responsibility in the processing of personal data

ICSAN, as an Operator, will be responsible for compliance with the Data Protection Legislation and will have to demonstrate compliance with it.

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