You are welcome to the March 2020 edition of your ICSAN E-Newsletter. You would recall that the e-newsletter was one of the regular items in the ICSAN media stable before it was rested about two years ago due to expanded scope of related exigencies that claimed priorities. However, we have resuscitated the medium and henceforth we shall be producing it every quarter.

In this edition, which is the first volume of this quarter, we have a bumper package for your reading delight. There is News Section featuring the stories of recent happenings in the Institute; there is the Photos Section, capturing major events of the Institute including her visitations to a number of stakeholders. The Members Section provides relevant information on issues concerning members of the Institute. We also have the Health Section which purveys enlightening information on how to take care of our health – and what greater health issue is the prevailing one globally now than the scourge of COVID 19? Thus, the Health Section gives some basic highlights on how we can protect ourselves during this pandemic.

The final Section is the one devoted to Corporate Governance News which purveys some major news on Corporate Governance in both local parlance and across the globe.

It is our sincere expectation that you would find this edition pleasant to read.

Happy reading



  • Mr. Francis Olawale, FCIS…. Editor-in-Chief
  • Mrs. Taiwo Olusesi, FCIS…. Managing Editor        
  • Mr. Kayode Ketefe, ACIS.… Editor     
  • Mr. Yakubu Mustapha…. I.T. Manager
  • Mr. Akumefula Ojiji, ACIS…. Member
  • Miss Julie Bassey , ACIS…. Member

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