CS Practical Training Series: Annual General Meeting-Investor Relations and Shareholder Communications.

CS Practical Training Series: Annual General Meeting-Investor Relations and Shareholder Communications.

CS Practical Training Series: Annual General Meeting-Investor Relations and Shareholder Communications.

The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Nigeria (ICSAN) is a foremost and recognized professional body in Nigeria dedicated to enhancing the status and practice of Corporate Governance, and Company Secretaryship as provided in the Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020.

The Institute is a member of Corporate Secretaries International Association (CSIA) and is the only professional body authorized in Nigeria to conduct examinations leading to the qualification of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators.

 Understanding the Implications of Climate Change on Corporate Governance and Business Sustainability

The Company Secretary’s responsibility is to ensure that excellent Corporate Governance best practices are applied in any organization, and Annual general meetings are crucial to Corporate Governance. It is the onus of the Company Secretary to ensure that his or her company complies with the relevant corporate governance regulations while also fostering positive relationships with stakeholders, especially shareholders and investors to increase comfort and business effectiveness.

In order to strike a balance between shareholders’ demands, interests, and expectations and the company’s goal, the Nigerian Code of Corporate Governance (Principle 22) suggests setting up a system of regular communication with shareholders.

Participants in this CS Practical training programme will learn the significance of giving shareholder participation, communications, and investor relations first priority while looking at best practices that govern the conduct of general meetings.

Learning Objectives.                                         

At the end of this training, participants will

  • understand how AGMs should be handled thereby ensuring good Corporate Governance in any organisation.
  • recognise the importance of Shareholder engagement /Communication to improve shareholder convenience
  • learn about the relevant provisions of CAC, CAMA, NCCG 2018, etc.., and the best practices that govern holding general meetings.
  • be offered tailored guidance on how to run general meetings in public and private traded companies.
  • learn germane tips on how to gain investor/shareholder confidence in the Company
  • understand the interrelationship between the Company Secretary and Investor relations teams.
  • understand what directors are expected to do under the NCCG 2018 to guarantee proper shareholder engagement and the Survival of the business.
  • be aware of the relationship-building process that gives the Board of Directors and Management the chance to interact with and solicit shareholder feedback.
  • have practical experience conducting general meetings professionally and effectively.


Corporate Secretaries, Legal Practitioners, Investor Relations Officers, Administrators, Governance Professionals, Students /Members of ICSAN.


Members: 30,000 | Non-Members: 35,000.

DATE: 15TH JULY,2022 | 

Time :10a.m  | 

Venue :Virtual

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