Our Landmarks

Our Landmarks

Chartered Secretaries are highly-valued by employers and benefit from a career that is well-remunerated and flexible. Once qualified, Chartered Secretaries can choose to work in the public, private or not-for-profit or set up their own business. Welcome to the profession with a world of possibilities.


The Institute was registered under the Companies Act 1968


ICSAN was granted Chartered by Decree 19 of 1991 (Now ACT CAP 113 LFN 2004)


ICSAN became a member of the Corporate Secretaries International Association (CSIA).


ICSAN commenced its’ indigenous exams in June, 2011. Examinations are conducted twice in a year, June and December. With the indigenous examinations, national laws and codes of various regulatory agencies are considered in the course of study.


ICSAN study packs were published in 2016

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