2020 ICSAN Newsletter (Third Quarter)

2020 ICSAN Newsletter (Third Quarter)

2020 ICSAN Newsletter (Third Quarter)


Dear readers,

We welcome you to another edition, the Q3 edition, of    ICSAN E-Newsletter. As usual you will also find this edition informative, enlightening and refreshing.

The News Section and Membership Corner will bring you up to speed with the recent activities of the Institute and give useful information to members respectively. These will be complimented by the colourful photo splash section which tells the stories visually.

This edition also features the regulars like health section which gives some basic highlights on health issues and guidance. In this edition we will be focusing on stress management, a key phenomenon in today’s world due to the hustle and bustle of work life especially for professionals.  It is definitely an apt theme in this period of COVID 19 pandemic as stress is known to lower immunity which can render a person vulnerable to the virus.

The final Section features Corporate Governance News covering both local and international occurrences.

We are very confident you will find this edition enjoyable as usual.

Happy reading

Stay Informed

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