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Date: 2014/02/26 - 2014/02/28
Title: 3 Days workshop on Effective Records Management and Administration
Description: Office managers, Administrative Managers and Officers, Secretaries, PAs and others who want to know how to manage organization’s records and information properly.
Venue: LAGOS
Member Fee:  =N= 75000
Non-Member's Fee:  =N= 75000

Date: 2014/02/04 - 2014/02/06
Title: 3 days workshop on Effective Administration & Management
Description: Administrative Managers and Officers, Office Managers and Officers, Human Resource Managers and Officers, Personal Assistants and Others in related duties.
Venue: LAGOS
Member Fee:  =N= 70000
Non-Member's Fee:  =N= 70000

Date: 2014/02/13 - 2014/02/14
Title: 2 Days workshop on Effective Meetings Management & Minutes Writing.
Description: Companies Secretaries, Secretarial Staff, Managers, and Officers that are involved in Minutes writing, and others that are doing related jobs.
Venue: LAGOS
Member Fee:  =N= 60000.00
Non-Member's Fee:  =N= 60000.00

Date: 2014/02/05 - 2014/02/07
Title: 3 Day Workshop on Advance Office Administartion and Management.
Description: Office Managers, Administrative Managers, Company Secretaries, Human Resource Manager and Officers, Senior Executive Assistants, Others in other operations that want to acquire Practical Administrative experience.
Venue: LAGOS
Member Fee:  =N= 80000
Non-Member's Fee:  =N= 80000

Date: 2014/02/19 - 2014/02/21
Title: 3 Days Workshop on Office Management Skills improvement for Senior Secretaries and PAs
Description: Company Secretaries , Registrars, Legal Advisers and Legal Officers, Compliance Officers and Managers.
Venue: LAGOS
Member Fee:  =N= 60000
Non-Member's Fee:  =N= 60000

Date: 2008/09/08 - 2008/09/25
Title: 3 Days Workshop on Practical Company Secretarial Practice for Non chartered secretaries (Second Run)
Description: Legal / Advisers,Company Secretaries, Assistant Company Secretaries of Public and Pivate Companies,Executive and Non Executive Directors,PA to the Company Scretary, and Secretaries of Government Parastatals and Others in Related Duties.
Venue: Chelsea Hotel, Abuja
Member Fee:  =N= 100000
Non-Member's Fee:  =N= 100000



TOPIC: Regulating the Power Sector: Opportunities, Prospects and Challenges. DATE: Thursday 27th March, 2014 VENUE: Agip Recital Hall, MUSON Centre, Onikan, Lagos TIME: 10:00am


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June 2014 Exam Date - June 10th to 11th Registration closes April, 30th 2014 Please click on New Application on the home page to register Lectures for Lagos Centre - 1st February, 2014

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