Get Chartered in Corporate Governance and Public Administration

Be a Chartered Secretary and Administrator. ICSAN Professional Qualification is all you need to be distinctcompetentcreative.

Our Services

Membership Development

To expand and enhance the knowledge, skills and professionalism of members.

Professional Training

Organising continuous training for members through conferences, roundtable, seminars, workshops, public lectures and Mandatory Continuous Professional Education (MCPE).

Research, Advocacy and Publication

Initiating research into issues revolving around corporate governance, corporate secretarial practice and allied matters; publication of materials on contemporary issues of governance etc...


The Consultancy Unit of the Institute also offers a wide range of consultancy services to organisations to assist them in achieving their set goals and objectives.

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Our team is distinguished for their passion and professionalism in Corporate Governance, Public Administration and Corporate Secretarial Practice which are the core areas of our profession. THE TEAM

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